Why psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy benefits patients  in many ways. They receive emotional support, learn how to resolve conflicts, further understand their feelings and problems, and try new solutions to old problems. Goals for therapy can be specific, like change in behavior or improved relationships, or can be more general, like less anxiety and better self esteem. The duration of psychotherapy depends on the complexity and severity of the problem. The patient must feel comfortable, safe, and understood. This trusting environment allows the patient to express their thoughts and feelings. Psychotherapy helps establish routine and is best used in conjunction with other interventions.

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What to expect

During our initial assessment and diagnosis, a qualified mental health professional will determine the need for psychotherapy. The decision will be based on factors such as the child’s current problems, history, level of development, ability to cooperate with treatment, and which interventions are most likely to help with presenting concerns. Psychotherapy is often used in conjunction with other treatments such as medication, behavior management, or school work. The relationship between psychotherapist and child is paramount, so we match your child’s personality to our staff to the best of our ability. 

Most insurance plans cover psychotherapy with minimal or no copays. Please check with your plan if you have mental health benefits. CICS also offers a cash option to pay for psychotherapy if you’d prefer.  Psychotherapy is a weekly appointment until discharge or less frequent appointments are deemed appropriate.

Occasionally, we employ therapists who are not credentialed with certain insurance plans. This has nothing to do with their level of qualification but rather their type of qualification and mandates about billing. Our care navigation team will ensure you are matched with a provider who can bill to your insurance or match you with a cash payment option.

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