Weight & Nutrition Management

Living a Healthy Life

Weight & Nutrition management is a medical service that helps your child achieve success with nutrition guidance. A Nutrition Evaluation is used to identify nutrition-related problems, their causes, and significance. The medical team then provides recommendations aimed to improve health and quality of life.

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Benefits of a Healthy Diet

Formation of healthy eating patterns in childhood and adolescence is vital for growth, development, and maintaining a healthy weight. Incorporating nutrition into your child’s treatment can provide health promotion strategies for the whole family. Following advice is not only important to the child but for the entire family. Weight & nutrition management is also important because some psychiatric medications can cause drastic weight changes. If CICS prescribes your child medicine we want to track any changes it may cause. We address the emotional components of eating and eating disorders.

A nutritional evaluation may be conducted if there are concerns with:

  • Feeding
  • Weight problems (overweight, underweight, eating disorders)
  • Food sensitivities
  • Allergies and/or skin problems
  • Medical problems (for example, diabetes, high cholesterol)
  • Dietary modifications (gluten free, casein free diets)
  • ADHD

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