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Counseling creates a safe and comfortable environment for your child to understand their emotions and develop confidence in their identity. When you and your child begin counseling services at Children’s Integrated Center for Success, you’ll establish stable relationships with our professionals as they walk you through a personalized care plan. We’re proud to offer our¬†child and parent counseling¬†solutions¬†to families throughout Lehigh Valley,¬†Pennsylvania and¬†beyond.

We serve children and families¬†with a variety of experiences, including learning¬†difficulties, behavioral and¬†mood disorders¬†and autism spectrum¬†symptoms. Counseling is a way to guide families, spouses and children through their circumstances in a way that’s collaborative and sustainable throughout life.

At CICS, we nurture your child wholly, from emotional and mental well-being to physical health. To ensure we find the right counseling services for your family, we utilize a diagnostic system with over 6,000 unique data points. The result is a customized solution based on the needs of your child and your family as a whole.

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Counseling Solutions

Our goal at¬†Children’s Integrated Center for Success is to help every family, every time. We tailor our precision mental health care solutions to address your child’s and your family’s overall mental health and well-being.¬†Rather than assigning a labeled diagnosis, we consider the unique traits of your child and their experiences to create individualized care.

As part of our holistic approach to your family’s care, we offer several counseling solutions customized to help serve the¬†individual¬†needs of you and your child.

Family and Marriage Counseling

Family and marriage counseling¬†at CICS invites the entire family into the therapeutic setting. Whether you need help understanding your child’s needs or you and your spouse are experiencing marital difficulties, having the whole family involved allows both parents and children¬†to strengthen their relationships and grow together.

We are proud to offer family counseling services in Lehigh Valley¬†and virtually.¬†If you’re struggling to understand your child‚Äôs behavioral, emotional, social or learning difficulties, this specialized form of group therapy focuses on including the family¬†in¬†your child’s treatment plan, addressing¬†challenges and¬†developing vital communication skills.

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Educational Advocacy

Your child’s experience with learning disabilities, autism and other challenges may not be represented in an educational setting. This area of your child’s life is critical to developing their perspective and realizing their talents. Their educational environment needs to reflect their unique needs and skills.

CICS educational advocacy allows us to work for your child to make sure they receive the best foundation for future success. We collaborate with parents, teachers and schools to ensure your child is getting an appropriate education as well as any additional services they may be entitled to.

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Learn More About Customized Counseling Solutions at CICS

Every family’s situation is unique.¬†We take your hand during the counseling experience to personalize your care and ensure you and your child’s comfort every step of the way.We believe comprehensive, data-driven¬†mental health care should be accessible and affordable.¬†That’s why we strive to find a supportive and effective care plan from the beginning to give you confidence in your child’s counseling and growth.

To learn how we customize our treatment plans to meet the unique needs of the children and families we work with, feel free to contact us today.

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