Diagnostic Process

Our 360° View

We strive to achieve a 36 view of your child and how they are made. Families come to us primarily for trouble at school, trouble with peers, or trouble at home. These troubles often stem from underlying conditions that we can understand better through a diagnostic framework. This framework allows us to identify the best areas for intervention unique to your child and family situation.

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Why diagnose?

A diagnosis is valuable information, not a life sentence. Diagnoses can change and evolve over time, which is why we perform psychiatric diagnostic evaluations throughout a patient’s treatment at CICS. We want our diagnoses to help you and your child understand how they are built, not cause any shame. Even the most daunting diagnoses can be managed with the right team, and it does not define your child or your parenting. Shame around mental health only hurts struggling children, so we shed light to dispel these stigmas and provide our patients with the tools they need to succeed. At CICS, we will never recommend a solution without first understanding what is causing the problem.


Our diagnostic engine is proprietary and clinically complex, so we charge a $25 fee to generate a diagnosis letter for a 3rd party. We do not share treatment plans unless mandated by court order. If you need to obtain medical records for custody hearings, please reach out to our care navigation team.

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The Engine at Work

Our unique, scientifically-validated diagnostic engine enables us to understand the whole child. We combine a screening and evaluation process to give an evidence-based, individualized treatment plan to help your child achieve their plan for success.

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Tier 1: Screening

After you express interest as a patient, you and your child  move to Tier 1. Our care navigators guide you through our intake process and your family is interviewed about relevant history. Our providers conduct medical observations and examinations while reviewing your child’s medical records. Our medical assistant will order at-home genetic testing and any other relevant lab orders, such as blood work. Our providers will conduct screenings for diet, behavioral, or developmental challenges. They will also administer adverse childhood experience questionnaires and an expressive evaluation if your child is non-verbal. All these different components work together to form a unique dataset for your child that informs our regroup visit.

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Tier 2: Evaluation

At your regroup, you and your child move to Tier 2. Based on the data collected from Tier 1, our providers may recommend follow-ups, such as speech, occupational therapy, or psychological evaluation. Providers may order a DSM-5 psychiatric evaluation, a nutritional assessment, or a functional behavioral assessment (FBA). We may also recommend diagnostic processes for Autism and ADHD. Our normal tool for Autism diagnosis, ADOS testing, can only be conducted in person when the full face of the child is visible. Until it is safe to be in person without masks, CICS offers alternative autism evaluations.

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Tier 3: Treatment

Once you and your child have completed evaluations, you move to Tier 3. Our providers work across disciplines to develop an individualized treatment plan in partnership with your family. This treatment plan can include any combination of medication management, speech therapy, psychotherapy, nutritional coaching, supplement management, executive function coaching, or advocacy. 

Each tier stands alone in its validity and use, and you may choose to not embark on all three. But CICS aspires to be a one-stop-shop for all your child’s mental health needs, from diagnosis to treatment.

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Learn More About Our Diagnostic Engine

If you would like to learn how we customize our treatment plans to meet the unique needs of the children and families we work with, feel free to contact us today.

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