We use the word SUCCESS to describe the center of everything we do – every child, every time

SUCCESS model was developed in partnership with our patients to serve the whole child and the whole family. Studies suggest that when a comprehensive, supportive approach to evaluation and intervention occurs, the possible positive outcomes are greatly enhanced.

Our model starts with consideration of the:

  • Symptoms that bring you to us. This may include meeting with one or several therapists and completing various assessments to achieve a diagnostic picture. Our unique diagnostic engine helps us understand how your child is built.
  • Understanding of functional and family challenges. We use shared decision making and work together to create a plan for success. We meet families where they are.
  • Coaching to identify strategies and courses of action based on what your child wants to achieve and what works for their unique situation. We coach in recognition and support of child and family autonomy. Our patients own their lives. 
  • Counseling utilizing a variety of evidence-based modalities. We offer supportive family and individual cognitive/behavioral therapy that provides your child and family with the best tools to achieve success.
  • Educational planning, support and advocacy to help your child succeed in a school environment. We work hard to build bridges between the educational and medical systems for families. 
  • Strategic use of medical modalities. Comprehensive evaluation and use of pharmacogenomics allows our medical providers to create a highly personalized medical care plan. We consider nutrition, exercise, and general health in planning for success, not just mental health.
  • Support as your family evolves and your child grows. Our commitment to families is based on the expectation that we will work together over time to achieve the greatest possible success. We are your home base for preventive care.

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