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Every child’s mental health journey is unique. At Children’s Integrated Center for Success, we provide family counseling services that foster your child’s full potential. Our experienced professionals provide individualized mental health care plans for children and adolescents, harnessing the Power of Possibility and serving children as a whole person.

We want to know your child ‚ÄĒ their hopes, dreams, goals¬†and potential. At our treatment center in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, we provide cutting-edge solutions so that we can collaborate with children throughout their¬†journey.

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Understand the Power

So, what is the Power of Possibility? Healing the whole child requires a multidisciplinary approach to their care. From children struggling with behavioral challenges to teenagers encountering problems at school, we enlist creative solutions alongside professionally integrated care services to help them succeed.

We also understand the critical role families play in the mental and emotional health of children.¬†Our program involves developing trust and openness with you and your child to create a comprehensive solution. As we design a care plan, you’ll be with us every step of the way.

When you choose to take this journey, our professionals will be your guide. We are always willing to answer your questions and ensure you are comfortable during every step.

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Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluations

To fully understand your child, we dig deeper and try harder to identify individual symptoms.¬†Your child’s challenges¬†may¬†be affecting how they relate and react at home, at school¬†and in the community. We collect and analyze over 6,000 data points with our in-depth diagnostic engine, allowing us to understand your child’s unique symptoms and create a fully customized treatment plan.

Our RDoC diagnostic framework focuses on psychological, biological and behavioral explanations for understanding your child. In traditional methods, a child’s symptoms align with a label and professionals provide care according to that label. At CICS, we work with children, not clinical diagnoses.

Your child is multidimensional. With our evaluations, we can understand each of these dimensions and find a solution based on various forms of treatment.

Helping a Diverse Group of Children

Many children struggle with¬†behavioral¬†and emotional¬†difficulties, mood disorders¬†or other mental health¬†challenges.¬†We are proud to serve the needs of a diverse group of children and adolescents so that they can be understood, not labeled. We customize our specialized solutions to¬†serve experiences¬†such as pediatric and adolescent anxiety, depression, autism spectrum¬†symptoms, Asperger’s¬†syndrome,¬†ADHD¬†and bipolar disorder.

Understanding your child’s¬†range of¬†symptoms and needs gives us insight into how to better care for them.

Custom Mental Health Solutions

At CICS, we strive to understand how your child is wired, rather than treating their symptoms like a problem that needs to be fixed. With our guidance, your child can learn to grow and thrive with their unique qualities.

From our state-of-the-art facility in Lehigh Valley or in a remote environment, your child will receive cutting-edge treatments focused on unlocking their full potential. Our integrated care model may include one or more of the following:

Discover the Power of Possibility Firsthand at CICS

As a parent or caregiver, you want your child to receive specialized care that is tailored to their emotional experiences and goals. Your child deserves to be viewed as the unique individual they are.

Through the Power of Possibility, we have found a way to¬†encourage growth and confidence.¬†Children’s Integrated Center for Success sees your child as a whole and works with them to reach their goals and achieve success.

To learn more about precise, integrated, on-demand mental health care services for your child, contact us today or call 610-770-1800 to learn more.

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