“I’m writing to express my gratitude for the incredible support and quality of care that CICS has provided to my son, a young adult who struggled with debilitating anxiety and depression. His remarkable transformation over the last year is directly attributable to the counseling services he has received at CICS. While I believe that Amy Edgar and her team are particularly gifted and insightful counselors, their commitment to “on-demand care” has been the game-changer for my son. The on-demand service model recognizes the importance and value of “the teachable moment”. The ability to reach out and connect with a trusted professional at the onset of an episode, at an emotional crossroads, at a critical decision point, or in the heat of a crisis has allowed for a level of intervention and reprogramming that is simply not possible during once-a-week counseling sessions. The ability to immediately interrupt the vicious cycle, shift the thought processes and deploy healthy coping strategies has been a critical component of my son’s recovery process. I truly believe it has saved his life.

I highly recommend the services of CICS and have seen the powerful results generated by on-demand care. I believe it is the gold standard for mental and behavioral health services.”

- M Becker Allentown PA

“Can I just say I am so pleased that we are with CICS! You and your team have been nothing short of wonderful, so responsive, and just overall great at a time that has been so uncertain for us, heading down this path with our son. Thank you so so much!”

- R Alburtis

“We were feeling like we had lost our son forever and now 5 weeks later he is well on his way to recovery and learning how to live with OCD, in his words “a life without limits.”

- S Gilbertsville, PA

“This place is great. The staff has been nothing but professional and helpful. They have gone above and beyond what they were paid for.”

- J Allentown, PA