Sanctuary Therapeutic Early Learning Center

What is the Sanctuary Therapeutic Early Learning Center?

At Sanctuary Therapeutic Early Learning Center, dually certified teachers and behavioral therapists provide your child with a strong academic curriculum and behavioral support in order to help create early learning success. The expulsion of young children from preschool has become a growing issue for families, with the root cause most often identified as behavioral concerns of the child. This can set up a negative pattern that extends well beyond preschool. For children ages two to six at risk of losing their current preschool placement, CICS’ sanctuary is a place where education continues while the child is supported to develop new behavioral skills. The outcome of a short term Sanctuary experience is your child’s successful transition back into their regular learning environment with the tools and resources they need to be successful. This positive, supportive approach in early learning experiences is a proven key to long term success. 

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How Can the Sanctuary Therapeutic Early Learning Center Help:

The Sanctuary Early Learning Center can help by:

  • Teaching children how to independently utilize coping skills.
  • Teaching children social skills for interacting with peers and teachers.
  • Teaching children to identify emotions in order to express their feelings and needs appropriately.
  • Teaching children how to attend to less-desirable tasks, such as academic demands.
  • Provides children, families, and teachers with tools to keep the child in their generalized education environment.

What to Expect:

Through the Sanctuary Therapeutic Early Learning Center, families and children can expect:

  • Personalized Planning including:
    • A Pre-enrollment interview of the child’s parents as well as the child’s current teacher to best understand the strengths and weaknesses of the child.
  • Personalized development plans within 14 days of enrollment that are created in collaboration with the family, the child, and the Sanctuary team.
  • Goal setting, interventions and progress monitoring for the child, with daily communication back to parents.
  • Positive and supportive behavior and therapeutic interventions in addition to a rich academic curriculum for the child, regardless of a formal diagnosis.
  • Friendly teachers, a school day setting, encouraged peer relationships, and fun!
  • A program length dependent on the progress of each individual child, ranging from six weeks to nine months before the child returns to their generalized classroom setting. 
  • Successful Transition back to the home preschool

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